Merge Records @ SXSW

SXSW is coming soon. March 13 to be exact. If you have previewed the band list, or seen the schedule, you know that the bill is filled with bands that most people have not seen nor heard. So, I did some of the leg work for you by checking a few of the artist sites and hear the noise for myself. Here is a beginning list of bands that I really enjoyed. These bands are scheduled to play Wednesday the 14th.

The Merge Records Show case:

Location@ Antone’s

8pm The Lady Bug Transistor

9pm Imperial Teen

10pm The Broken west

11pm The Rosebuds

12am Oakley Hall

1am Special Guest(this is what the SXSW flyer’s says, but the Merge flyer’s says Spoon is going to be playing)

– Merge Records has produced bands such as The Arcade Fire, Camera Obscura, Spoon, Dinosaur Jr., Radar Bros., etc, and etc. Merge has combined just the right ingredients to bake up a good show for all. Thank you Merge. Oakley Hall is a folk band that shines with a serious country twang. A sound that will be readily accepted here in the lone star state. Heck, I even fore see a two-step pit dance being formed.(as opposed the always fun mosh-pit). The Rosebuds are also pretty sensational. These guys make their sound grow with chopped guitar rhythms, smooth vocal patterns, and just the right amount of background noises. Nice. If your going to be their check these guys out, if not then drop by their myspace page and hear them for yourself.

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