My lady are Mew? My lady are Mew?


The last day of SXSW I found gold at the end of ST. Patrick’s rainbow, and what a pot it was. It happened like so……..

I awoke from my five hour slumber with a hint of sadness because the final day of SXSW had fallen upon me. My hair was full of grease and my back was sweaty, real sweaty, but I had this strange inclination to scroll through the list of bands set to play that night. I noticed bands like Spoon, Kings of Leon, Youth Group, and to many others. Suddenly, I found my eyes laying on one of the most beautiful sites the human eyes can interpret to the mind; MEW @ LA ZONA ROSA. Upon my discovery i did some gay dancing and a few girly laughs leaped from my mouth. Needless to say I was Happy.—end of that story.

I was introduced to the Danish band “MEW,”about three months ago by one of my close friends James. As soon as the beautifully high vocal patterns of Jonas Bjerre hit my unsuspecting ears I was hooked on the Mew for life. I listened to their album over and over and over again. You can imagine the joy that filled my complex little heart when I learned that these guys where playing in Austin, TX. That had to be one of the best, if not the best, shows I have ever experienced. Mew rocked the stage monster ballad style, but it was a style that was not absent of taste. The band filled the room with crazy rhythmic patterns that flowed in and out of the klanky guitar riffs and melodies. I can’t even begin to explain the heaviness that came with every chord played by the band, but I can tell you that the synth was no Casio; it was a killer. Also, the vocals and guitar tone was unbelievably close to the record. It was just, well…. unbelievable. If ever you have the chance to participate in a mew concert, do it. No matter how far the drive. Do it.

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