Clay Aiken Finding Sexy And Bringing It Back

clay aiken

I’m still shocked that this person performs for anyone other than himself in the mirror, but since the reality is that “Reality Shows”, make “Reality Stars”… here is the real Clay Aiken performing, Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack” (thanks D-listed) video on his summer tour. Clay is performing with an orchestra and is blowing minds by performing a medley of songs that one wouldn’t expect to hear with an orchestra. How very avant-garde of him.

Clay tells Houston’s Sun-Sentinel, “I’m actually going to do — God help me for saying this — with [the orchestra], a little bit of SexyBack. We’re going to do a little medley of songs that people wouldn’t expect to hear with an orchestra. I know that it’s not going to be cool. I have no problem making fun of myself. I could never pull songs like that off without knowing where my place is, and it’s not as Justin Timberlake. Thank God we have him. I’m happy to be the person who gets the old ladies covered.”

Clay Aiken not cool? No!! Yeah, I bet Clay Aiken is happy to have JT! I know I’m ready to bring sexy back now and I want a full refund!!

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