Britney A No-Show

This isn’t good. Britney apparently failed to pencil in “go to court” on her calendar and carried on as usual pumping gas and sipping a latte with her new unattractive male pal. All the while decisions about her children’s well-being were being made, in her absence. This is a shame. Somewhat expected, but a shame, nonetheless.

Poor Britney appears to be rebelling against the system, just as she has been, in dealing with her family and advisers. As the judge in Paris Hilton’s sentencing proved, judges’ orders are to be taken seriously.

TMZ reported that she checked into The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills to get some alone time, around 6:15pm PST. Although it looks as if the enabling cousin Alli Sims joined her at the hotel, it was also reported by In Touch Weekly, that Alli packed up her things and moved from Brit’s Malibu mansion earlier this morning.

It was also reported that little sis Jamie-Lynne and their brother Bryan are attempting to stage another intervention, hoping to get Britney to Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Centre in Antigua for treatment. Another court date has been set for October 22, 2007, which could conflict with the program at Crossroads, set to begin October 6, 2007.

Do we really believe she will ever it make it? No!!!

[Image and video via TMZ]

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