More Liz Taylor, I Mean Brit…

We’ve already shown you the video, but here are photos from Hollywoodrag that better illustrate Jamie’s rage and to the degree the drugs have taken toll on Grandma Britney. Look
at her acting so aloof, while Jamie is full of fire.

As we know, Britney intentionally calls the paparazzi to each of her “random appearances”, so that she can smile and play nice with them to look sweet in front of the cameras. Instead she looks 80 and helpless calling out for “Jamma Lynn? Where’s Jamma Lynn?”

I don’t think Brit’s mom had this in mind for Jamie, when she staged the intervention.

We find lunation cycles fascinating, so we are going to see this one through. We’ll be posting all of the details of Grandma Britney’s transparent antics, until she howls at the moon.

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