Michael Jackson’s Coming Back With Kanye

This should be interesting. Michael Jackson is working with Kanye West, will.i.am, and Ne-Yo on a new edgy, up-tempo L.P.

Michael, who is 49, may be the most talented artist of all time. Before he became a freakshow, he once was a successful recording artist and an incredible dancer.

Kanye is such a mouthy bast**d, I can’t wait to hear about some of the fits and cat-fights that may rage in the studio. Get the Jesus juice ready, this is going to be good!

Although Kanye acts like a small child, he’s actually quite a success in his own right and says this about working with pop-phenomenon MJ, “If I like a person’s outlet or what a person brings to the table, then I’ll speak to them.” Oh lucky, lucky Michael; Kanye likes his “outlet”. Michael’s probably thinking, “finally, someone!”

Will.i.am on the contrary, didn’t want to speak to Michael.  He confesses that he actually hung up on Michael when he first called him, because he thought it was a hoax. “I was like, ‘Come on, who is this, how did you get me number? Stop playing around.’ He said, ‘No it’s really me, it’s Michael.’ “I still didn’t believe it was him and was like, ‘Dude, seriously, I got to go.’ “

I’ll be hungry for the all the details of this project, once it’s underway!

Release, due out early next year.

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