Should “The Dog” Be Forgiven?

Duane “Dog” Chapman apologizes on Hannity & Colmes.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get it right in his interview, in fact, he may have dug a deeper hole, but we must consider the source.

Enough of the racial division over this word. This hillbilly has used the “n” word all of his life. Racial division in the prison system breeds hate, for which he spent 18 months (in a Texas prison). It’s time to make the word go away! Equally, for all of us! It’s not right for anyone of any race or color to use this word to describe another human. This is a hurtful word that has caused a lot of pain and ruined careers. It must be banned.

On the contrary, there have been cases where the same word, has been used intentionally, for the sake of comedy. A jewel in the center of a $50million career, Dave Chappelle renewed the use of the “n” word in 2002, on Comedy Central’s “Chapelle’s Show”, when he created hilarious skits centered around the very word. The skits became instant classics, causing the once forbidden word to become household slang across America and throughout our schools, which will no doubt be passed on to their children and so on.

We must stop the division!

Just as the “eff” word has become normalized, perhaps, we should allow this one too, to become used as acceptable slang. Many acceptable versions of the “eff” word have been put into circulation like; “friggin”, “freakin”, “effin”. I even noticed a tab on a pair of children’s clothing today, called “friggin skinny chinos”, then later dined at a respectable lunch spot and overheard a 65 year old man, ordering the “effin good sandwich”, which he shared with his wife. I’m personally outraged, but where do we go from here?

So… Can Duane Chapman be forgiven? I think he should be. No way is he going to make this mistake twice and if he does, then pull the plug! This was a recorded personal conversation between family members, not an intentional use on his show. Chapman states that he’s not using the word based on hate, but as a way to express himself. This man makes his living by physically chasing dangerous, hardened criminals, for our entertainment.

The level of his backwards thinking is evidenced in his appearance, speech, mannerisms, and colloquialisms, and is the very reason A&E sought him out to create a show (around him). Capitalizing on these very traits. Now he’s banned from A&E for being the epitome of his character, himself. A self proclaimed “dog”.

dog: a. a person regarded as unattractive or uninteresting. b. Something of inferior or low quality.

Can we really not rise above. Are we so offended of his personal use of language, made public via a “set-up” by his own son? Is anyone truly hurt by his actions, other than the man himself?

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  1. Dogs Ugliest Dogs German Shepherd Puppies…

    I didn’t agree with you first, but last paragraph makes sense for me…

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