Michael Wont Lose Never Neverland After All





Ah a little fancy paper shuffling and a few signatures and the house is yours AGAIN.


According to Jackson’s spokeswoman, Raymone Bain said in a statement that the singer, who has not lived at the property since his acquittal on child sex charges in 2005, did not default on a 23.2 million dollar loan on the home.


“Contrary to published reports, Mr. Jackson was never in default of the loan,” the statement said. “Mr. Jackson is in the final stages of refinance and will not lose Neverland Valley Ranch.


“No further comments will be made regarding this subject as it has been our long-term policy not to address Mr. Jackson’s personal financial affairs.”


Michael Jackson has been struggling to put his career back together after child molestation charges were brought up on him in 2005. He left Neverland for Bahrain, Las Vegas, and is currently living in Washington. 

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