The Picture of Health

No doubt, years of hard drugs will eventually end up in a little spewing of blood, but Amy may have TB. She is currently in the hospital coughing up blood with a chest infection. She’s also been diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat.

While at the hospital, doctors are trying to wean her from all the drugs, since her collapse at home on Monday.

Last night a friend of Amy’s told The Sun:”Amy is in a bad way. Doctors are still struggling to control her heartbeat but the chest condition has been really worrying them.

“She’d been been suffering horrible coughing fits and hurling up blood for a while but refused to be examined. Doctors now believe it is tuberculosis and are doing more tests to be certain.”

“The word tuberculosis might frighten her into getting herself well. It certainly should do.

“She needs to realise she will die if she she doesn’t clean up her act.”

But a friend said:”The last thing she needs is to be wheeled on stage. She needs proper rest.”


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