Seriously, The Hood Rat Is Back!

The Hood Rat struck again! No kidding. Seven-year-old Latarian Milton stole his Memaw’s vehicle again. It was just last April that Latarian stole his grandmother’s Dodge Durango and wrecked into several cars at a Wal-Mart, “just to do hood rat stuff”. This makes the second time that Latarian has stolen his grandmother’s vehicle. It’s time! When Latarian was asked why he stole his grandmother’s keys, again, and drove the vehicle, he said, “cause I wanted to do it, I wanted to take my friend on a high-speed chase.” Good friend.  Nice kid.  LOCK HIM UP!  Will someone please take the keys away from Latarian. He is 7! Florida police this time, say he will be taken in and charged for grand theft auto to get him into the system to be evaluated.  It’s about time.Here are the other videos of Latarian’s past hoodrattery.

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