Stewart vs. Cramer

Last night on Comedy Central, Jon Stewart was visited by Mr. Mad Money himself, Jim Cramer. A week long feud between the two had been growing, and culminated in this meeting.

As Cramer sat down, Jon was very cordial. He asked, “How did it come to this?”.

As the interview itself began, Stewart became more serious, and focused. He pulled out video, from 2006, in which Cramer was practically condoning, and encouraging, the behavior that brought the nation into the financial meltdown. He proceeded to tear into Mr. Cramer like we wish reporters would do of people that actually matter, and he didn’t let up until the end of the interview. While he didn’t attack Mr. Cramer personally, he made it very obvious how he felt about CNBC’s brand of journalism.

Personally, I applaud Jon Stewart, and his ability to point out the wrong in both right, and left wing politics. I also believe he could hang easily with anyone, in any press corp, anywhere.

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