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Annie Lennox in Musical Quandary

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

“Nothing is for free EXCEPT music.”

There’s no question that the music industry remains in a troubled state. Artists have too many options and more control, but that control is forcing the artist to become too creative in their business choices.

Like so many others, Annie Lennox is refusing the corporate option to resign to a label. She can choose to sell straight from her own site or through an MP3 download site, but doesn’t like the idea of internet downloads because it allows fans to download for free.

Lennox tells, “I don’t want to go into the corporate structure. I never wanted to be in the corporate structure in the first place. “I have issues in some way with people downloading. If I want to make a certain kind of record I personally have to get the band together, the studio engineer, the producer.

“I have to pay a good deal of money to make that happen. If people just download it that means I’m indulging in a very expensive hobby. I don’t quite see how people can do that and have it make sense. I can’t go into Starbucks and demand free coffee. We’re in this capitalistic system where nothing is for free except music.”