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The First Ever Album Made on an iPad (I think)

Monday, December 27th, 2010

The Gorillaz leader, Damon Albarn made an entire album, The Fall, in a 32 day span while on their North American tour using the iPad and has made it available to you here. You can hear their dedicated songs as they made their way through the cities on the tour. Houston’s ode is aptly titled “The Parish of Space Dust” complete with samples from one of our country radio stations 97.1 FM. There are also songs about other Texas towns, Dallas and Amarillo.

All tracks written and performed by Gorillaz using the iPad and additional instruments: Korg Vocoder, Ukelele, Microkorg, Omnichord, Moog Voyager, Melodica, Guitar, Piano, Korg Monotron. Except track 13 written and performed by Gorillaz and Bobby Womack. Recorded between Montreal and Vancouver over 32 days on the Gorillaz North American Tour 2010.

Just in case you want to make your own album in 32 days on an iPad, here are the apps they used: Speak It! / SoundyThingie / Mugician / Solo Synth / Synth / Funk Box / Gliss / AmpliTube / Xenon / iElectribe / BS-16i / M3000 HD / Cleartune / iOrgel HD / Olsynth / StudioMiniXI / BassLine / Harmonizer / Dub Siren Pro / Moog Filatro.