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Linsay Is Out of Rehab, what’s next?

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

This is an awesome photo of the Lohan family taken back in September (thank you TMZ), when Lindsay was begging mom to allow dad back into their lives.

The mature-faced lil’ sis is looking in adoration at the bigger sister, who, in a world of her own, so completely full of herself; while a pissed and impatient mom tugs at the money maker, and dad over-seeing his girls from a locked cell. Picture perfect.

Now Lindsay is out of rehab and has made nice with her father, all on her own.

The gruff voiced, partying Lindsay never did it for me. Oh, and remember the gratuitous singing career? Ew!!! She’s so disgusting as a freckled tramp, but she is a truly talented actress.

I do hope that she can return to acting and stay out of the spotlight, otherwise.

zzzz…wake me up when the mature face sis, starts filming “Mean Girls 2! ”