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The Rumors Are True

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Madonna is said to be seeking legal representation from Fiona Shackleton in possible divorce of Madonna, 49, and Guy Ritchie, 39. Fiona recently represented Sir Paul McCartney in the bitter divorce between he and crazy Heather Mills.

Although, yesterday Madonna’s spokesman refused to comment on the claims, there was a loose-lipped lawyer that told The Times that the word in legal circles was that Madonna had gone to Ms Shackleton after first approaching another legal firm.

The couple do not have a pre-nup, so this could turn into an all out battle, although the settlement will start with a 50/50 split. Nice payday for Guy, we’d say.

Guy Ritchie is thought to be seeking representation from Mayfair law firm, Forsters.

The couple has been together for 7 years and rumors surrounding a possible split have been abundant for the past 3 years. We imagine life is with Madonna is no cakewalk, but certainly worth the walk when hundreds of millions of dollars is at stake. That sucks!

We wish them luck. Divorce sucks.

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