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Shanna Goes to See Travis

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Source: Shanna Moakler 'Not Leaving' Travis Barker's Side
Shanna Moakler, the ex-wife of Travis Barker, rushed to Augusta, Ga., to be with Travis just hours after the plane crash.

A source tells PEOPLE, “She’s been at this bed side ever since she got there,” says a source close to Moakler, 33. “She loves him and she’s not going to leave him.”

The source adds, “It has all been very intense. [Shanna] is very emotional but also very strong.”

The couple have 2 children together and are staying with their grandparents in CA, while Shanna is in Augusta.

Due to their quick thinking, Travis and Adam, surprisingly survived the fatal crash. Lieut. Josh Shumpert of the South Congaree Police Department tells PEOPLE, that he was one of the second responders at the scene, after the airport police arrived.
“[Travis and Adam] told me that they slid down the wing on the right side of the plane.”

“They said they were on fire,” adds Shumpert, whose patrol car’s dashboard camera caught video of the fiery aftermath, “and that they tackled each other and put each other out.”

“When I got there they were on the side of the road,” says Shumpert. “They were pacing and in shock.”

“Travis was very shaken up,” he says, noting that Barker was given Gatorade after he asked for some water.

Very, very sad! We wish them a healthy recovery.

Travis Barker and DJ AM In Critical Condition

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Travis Barker, 32 and DJ AM, 35, were critically injured after their plane crashed on the runway, shortly after take off. TRVS had just played a free T-Mobile concert in South Carolina with Perry Ferrell and Gavin DeGraw.   There were six people on the Lear jet leaving Columbia, SC headed for Van Nuys, CA, just before midnight, Friday.  Four of the six people are reported dead, while the two survivors are said to be severely burned.  Travis and DJ AM were taken by ambulance to a burn center in Augusta, GA. DJ AM was airlifted with severe burns to the face, while Travis suffered severe burns from waist down.   They are both in critical condition.TMZ reports the plane went off the road and crashed on a nearby highway after air-traffic controller reported sparks coming from the plane.  Those that lost their lives due to the crash are the pilot Sarah Lemmon, 31, co-pilot James Bland, 52, Travis’ body guard, Charles Still , 25, and Travis’ assistant Chris Baker, 29. Travis and DJ AM are both said to be in critical, yet stable condition.