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Brit’s VMA Performance How It Was And Was Supposed To Be

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

Side by side comparison of Britney’s VMA’s performance against a performance of her dancers rehearsing with a stand in (as Brit had better things to do that day I’m sure).

What do you think?

You gotta love the level of realism they were trying to achieve in rehearsals, I mean anything less than a 165 lb. stand in, just wouldn’t have looked right y’all!

The Reviews Are Rolling In On ‘Backout’

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Well, it looks like Brit can kick back and relax, reviews for Blackout are coming in and they’re all good. To be expected. She’s such a mess to watch attempt to function in everyday life, but empty enough to make a successful pop album (where she contributes basically, just her name and a little vocals).

She’s mailable and I don’t think that there is a producer that could go wrong with the fame that swirls around this girl. Hype is half the success.

IGN reviewed ‘Blackout’ and gave it a 6.9. There’s a great breakdown of each song on their site. Here is an interesting excerpt of the full review, on the production of Brit’s Blackout.

From a production standpoint Blackout is pretty sweet. The sheer amount of layering and overdubs create a full, rich vocal palette for Spears and when listened to on headphones even induce mild bouts of hypnotic euphoria. Ultimately, however, this is just corn syrup saturated ear candy that goes down easy and then is ultimately forgotten. A retro post-new Wave rush encapsulates “Heaven on Earth,” which again features breathless Britney working her seductive magic. Yet when coupled with all the “out of shape” photos we’ve been assaulted with in the tabloids, it’s hard to get aroused by the slinky sway of the song. Visual connotations aside, the track is actually one of the more solid offering on the album, Spears keeping her vocals pretty consistent, going for a sultrier, richer approach than her normal shrill demeanor. The chorus itself is incredibly enthralling, lilting along with melodic supremacy.

…Makes you want to hear it, eh? October 30!!!


Britney Behave

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

brit topless

Remember while Britney was filming her mess of a video “Gimme More” she broke down crying, leaving the crew standing around for hours waiting until she pulled her sh** back together? That was around the same time that she was cleaning up after her then new puppy, London and mopping up fried chicken with her Chanel dress during her big OK! Magazine interview.

Perhaps the rumored “uncut” version explains why tears hit the floor. Maybe she had some sort of conscience about getting topless, while her babies were home waiting for their mommy. Or maybe she was so pumped up on drugs that getting topless seemed like a good idea for a drowning music career.

Either way, judging by the above pic, it’s not pretty.

Britney Just Wants To Be Normal Ya’ll

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Back in July, while hanging out at LA nightclub Les Deux, Britney told one of the managers, “I really want to get a job here – I love the sexy red corsets the cocktail waitresses wear!” The manager recommended she fill out an application. Indeed she did, including her social security number, address, phone number and work history, then went to the back room for her interview with the manager.

Fast forward to October and Brit again is inquiring about a job in the service industry. Thursday Brit told the bartender at the Viceroy’s, “Cameo Bar” that she wanted to do what she
did — then asked for and obtained an application from the night manager.

The application is currently with Human Resources.

Digital Downloads – Top Ten!!

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

It is amazing to see the revolution of indie music making it to the top! Feist is 1, 2, 3,
4 on the top ten digital download list and she has 2 songs featured in television advertisements, one being the new iPod Nano, both currently in rotation. Her video in the iPod Nano commercial couldn’t be hurting MP3 sales!! The indies really took over that industry this year.

I pray Feist continues to climb the charts and knocks Kanye out of the number 3 spot!!!

Rise UP Indies!!!

4 FEIST – 1, 2, 3, 4

Britney Spears A Hit

Friday, August 31st, 2007


Looks like after all of the hair, wardrobe and parenting mishaps, Britney may come back on top…. again! She has a new hit that dropped today and it’s not a parked car. “Gimme More”was produced by the same guy that churned out two monster albums last year. Nate ‘Danja’ Hills is a Timbaland protégé, that was introduced to Timbaland through a childhood friend in 2005, who produced Nelly Furtado’s successful comeback record, Loose and Justin Timberlake’s, uber successful SexyBack. See what you think, you can hear it here at Perez. It doesn’t have the dance pop that “Toxic” maintains, but it will for sure be a hit, especially after all the fanfare surrounding this mess the past year. She has been asked to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards, Sept. 9, but Timbaland, this years musical director for the event, thinks that her performance will overshadow the other performers. Timbaland tells E! Online that, “He thinks it would be too much drama, and that she is going to take away from the other performers.” It is rumored that she is to open the show in a vanishing act that would lead her in and out a series of mirrors, vanishing and reappearing. This is said to be the reasoning behind her late nights with Chris Angel. Okay that makes sense, but why the hell are so many other Hollywood starlets hanging out with this out-of-touch magic man? I wish he would make the silver rings, bandannas and pukka shells disappear! Now that’s a show I would watch. Chris Angel on What Not To Wear, but I digress. Back to Britney, no matter what she sings or wears, it was reported today that her monthly income is an average of $737,868, so can she really fail? She tries!