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Grand Theft Auto Gets a 100

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

The newest installment of Grand Theft Auto is upon us and if the reviews are correct, this is simply put the best video game ever created.


Although I have sworn off video games as a distraction more than anything else I must admit, talk of a Liberty City that lives an breaths without repetition of any kind has me intrigued.


This game is predicted to make over $400 million in its first week, numbers like that have hollywoods attention… make no mistake this game is the first and probably the biggest blockbuster release of the summer.


So far the only controversy that surrounds it, is a bug that is freezing the game up during its opening credits, but give it time as I’m sure a city of this magnitude has some darker secrets that lie beneath its surface. Don’t worry kids no need to get crazy in line or skip school, the game is out and your copy will be waiting whenever your ready to pick it up. Let us know what you think of the game.