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More Liz Taylor, I Mean Brit…

Monday, October 8th, 2007

We’ve already shown you the video, but here are photos from Hollywoodrag that better illustrate Jamie’s rage and to the degree the drugs have taken toll on Grandma Britney. Look
at her acting so aloof, while Jamie is full of fire.

As we know, Britney intentionally calls the paparazzi to each of her “random appearances”, so that she can smile and play nice with them to look sweet in front of the cameras. Instead she looks 80 and helpless calling out for “Jamma Lynn? Where’s Jamma Lynn?”

I don’t think Brit’s mom had this in mind for Jamie, when she staged the intervention.

We find lunation cycles fascinating, so we are going to see this one through. We’ll be posting all of the details of Grandma Britney’s transparent antics, until she howls at the moon.

No Love In The Neighborhood!

Monday, October 8th, 2007

Hungry Britney and little sis, Jamie Lynn go out for dinner at Sushi Restaurant, Shu on Sunday evening. Sounds like the locals have had enough of Britney and the paparazzi she collects, everywhere she goes.

Does she ever sit still? Can’t she find a bed in one of her many homes and get a good night’s rest?

Give it up already!

My Name Is Britney, B-R-I-T-N-E-Y And I Am Addicted To The Paparazzi

Monday, October 8th, 2007

During Brit’s intervention with Jamie Lynn and Mama Spears,
she decided to go out and get a hit off of the ole pap pipe. She is
absolutely addicted to the paparazzi.

Here, sisters hit Taco Bell after a good 3 hours of intervening.

At least they are dressing alike, maybe they’re getting through!

Mama Steps In!!

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

Britney and her once fling/producer, JR Rotem and her new parasite/friend Sam Lutfi were together Friday evening. Being followed by paparazzi, the trio spent hours driving around L.A. and Beverly Hills. Their final destination was the Peninsula Hotel, where Brit stayed earlier this week after learning the judges’ decision regarding custody of her boys.

Finally, Mom to the rescue! All the while, Lynne Spears, somehow stages an intervention with Brit and sister Jamie Lynn. The two catch a flight late Friday evening from Kentwood, LA and arrive at LAX wearing glasses, heads hanging low. They arrived at Brit’s Beverly Hill’s home around 3 a.m., then, even later Saturday morning, ended up at Brit’s Malibu home.

However, around 2a.m., Brit, Lufti and J.R. were spotted again, exiting the Peninsula Hotel, screaming at one another the whole way to her home on Mulholland Drive, in the gated community, known as “The Summit”. There, at the gatehouse, she apparently parted ways with her companions, Lufti and J.R. Moments later, driving erratically and hitting a curb, Brit was said to come speeding down the hill to the entrance gate, incoherently ranting that her home had been broken into.

The triumvirate, again teamed up to go back to the house, with police officers in tow. No word to whether or not the house was truly penetrated. It really doesn’t matter when she has another house in Malibu.. so the three moved on. When they arrived, they found Mama Spears, Jamie Lynn and ex-husband Kevin Federline had also, just arrived!

After several hours of intervention, Brit left her Malibu home, followed by several paparazzi, around 7pm. She made two very brief stops by the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, where she had stayed briefly earlier this week and then to the Ivy at the Shore restaurant.

Patsy, can you bring in a break here… “Crazy”!!! Thank you, carry on!

Finally, Brit heads back to the house that she believed was broken into earlier that morning, on Mulholland Drive.