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Gross Couple

Friday, October 12th, 2007

Britney with JR Rotem out at 2 a.m., stopping to pick up his vehicle on their way to, perhaps a party. He lost the directions, to where they were going, so JR instructs her to follow him.

Check out the big scratch on the back of Brit’s car, probably from the paparazzi frenzy at the courthouse yesterday.

I don’t even know what to say, the hopeless girl has a small, undeserved win in court and she’s out at 2 a.m., playing musical cars. Go home!! Take a shower, for the love of Pete!!!

If you’re bored, hire an agent to broker you a deal with Proactiv.. you need help!

Britney Just Wants To Be Normal Ya’ll

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Back in July, while hanging out at LA nightclub Les Deux, Britney told one of the managers, “I really want to get a job here – I love the sexy red corsets the cocktail waitresses wear!” The manager recommended she fill out an application. Indeed she did, including her social security number, address, phone number and work history, then went to the back room for her interview with the manager.

Fast forward to October and Brit again is inquiring about a job in the service industry. Thursday Brit told the bartender at the Viceroy’s, “Cameo Bar” that she wanted to do what she
did — then asked for and obtained an application from the night manager.

The application is currently with Human Resources.

Brit Feeling Sexy!

Monday, October 8th, 2007

Oh, hey look, something different. New shoes. Oh and she’s reading while out on a date.

How romantic. It’s nice to start the date in the laxative aisle.

“Humm, what was I going to get? I was going to grab something before I left the house, what was it?” (camisole, perhaps?)

Assuring clear pics for the paparazzi.

Disheveled is an understatement. Disgraceful is more like it!

Brit has loads of class! Looks like she’s is feeling sexy after spending the night with former fling/producer JR Rotem. I like his eyes, the proximity… close together and off-center.

The night got more interesting as it continued!

Mama Steps In!!

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

Britney and her once fling/producer, JR Rotem and her new parasite/friend Sam Lutfi were together Friday evening. Being followed by paparazzi, the trio spent hours driving around L.A. and Beverly Hills. Their final destination was the Peninsula Hotel, where Brit stayed earlier this week after learning the judges’ decision regarding custody of her boys.

Finally, Mom to the rescue! All the while, Lynne Spears, somehow stages an intervention with Brit and sister Jamie Lynn. The two catch a flight late Friday evening from Kentwood, LA and arrive at LAX wearing glasses, heads hanging low. They arrived at Brit’s Beverly Hill’s home around 3 a.m., then, even later Saturday morning, ended up at Brit’s Malibu home.

However, around 2a.m., Brit, Lufti and J.R. were spotted again, exiting the Peninsula Hotel, screaming at one another the whole way to her home on Mulholland Drive, in the gated community, known as “The Summit”. There, at the gatehouse, she apparently parted ways with her companions, Lufti and J.R. Moments later, driving erratically and hitting a curb, Brit was said to come speeding down the hill to the entrance gate, incoherently ranting that her home had been broken into.

The triumvirate, again teamed up to go back to the house, with police officers in tow. No word to whether or not the house was truly penetrated. It really doesn’t matter when she has another house in Malibu.. so the three moved on. When they arrived, they found Mama Spears, Jamie Lynn and ex-husband Kevin Federline had also, just arrived!

After several hours of intervention, Brit left her Malibu home, followed by several paparazzi, around 7pm. She made two very brief stops by the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, where she had stayed briefly earlier this week and then to the Ivy at the Shore restaurant.

Patsy, can you bring in a break here… “Crazy”!!! Thank you, carry on!

Finally, Brit heads back to the house that she believed was broken into earlier that morning, on Mulholland Drive.