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What Are The Odds?

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Remember the strange man that left his girlfriend stuck on a toilet seat for so long that her skin had grown around it?

Well…. what do you think happened to him?

I mean after he was arrested for exposing himself to a teenage girl?

a) he got stuck in a toilet
b) he hit the lottery
c) he got hit by a car

If you picked “b”, you are correct. Kory McFarren’s luck comes in twos. He experienced his luck after cashing in his $2 Bonus Crossword ticket for $20,000, after committing 2 crimes: (allowing his girlfriend to rot in his bathroom for 2 years, for which he served a 6 month probation) and that’s after winning the lottery for the 2nd time this year!

Here is the story of Pam Babcock, the woman who lived in the bathroom and grew into her surroundings for two years, in case you missed it the first time.

When this dude’s karma comes around, it’s gonna hurt!

[source: Kansascity]