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New Fiona Apple Album Coming Soon

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Fiona Apple’s drummer and co-producer Charley Drayton, has a spring 2011 release date on a new album by Fiona, according to an article on Charley Drayton in Modern Drummer magazine. Drayton has toured with Fiona since 2006, is co-producer on album, for which he also played on and mixed.

Blonde Redhead’s New Video “Not Getting There” (Official Video)

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Weezer has a new Album

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Weezer Album, Hurley

The album just name’s itself. The album cover comes from a photo taken with Rivers Cuomo and Jorge Garcia, but clearly the decision was made to crop the photo and let it be thy name.  And simply enough it’s called ‘Hurley’ – you gotta love it.
‘Hurley’ is due out Sept. 14 via indie label, Epitaph Records.

ATW: Any Time Weed

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

California is now stocking marijuna in vending machines. AVM’s are 24 hour machines housed in standalone rooms, abutting two dispensaries and protected by round-the-clock security guards.

You must first get your prescription from your doctor sorted out, then take it to the AVM for approval, fingerprint taken, and a prepaid credit card loaded with your profile: dosage (3.5 or 7 grams) and strain preference.

There are five choices including: OG Cush, Granddaddy Purple, the mildly hallucinogenic forebear to Prince. The max dosage is 1oz per week. The “medicine” comes in plastic capsules and vacuum-sealed.

The AVMs are already in place at their respective dispensaries and will became fully-operational on Monday, though their vestibules are still under construction.

What’s scary are future plans include machine-vended pharmaceuticals like Vicodin, Viagra, and Propecia.

Do you think the dude in this video partakes in the supply?


Bands Making Their Own Way

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Bands Oasis and Jamiroquai are just two of the bands that are rumored to be following suit to give away their music. Neither of the two bands are currently working under recording contracts, which will allow them to experiment with the promotion of their new albums.

After Radiohead announced last week, that they would allow fans to download their music without charge, their site jumped from number 43 to number 1 of top UK music websites. HitWise, an internet monitoring agency recorded an 11-fold increase in internet hits after Radiohead made their announcement.

How do these bands intend to make money if they give their music away for free? Well they are counting on concert ticket sales and merchandise.

Several bands that are out of contract are planning to do the same. Robbie Williams’ management company said this of the concept, ““I think a lot could follow. You’ve got to be sure about your fan base but why would you sign your career away to a record label when CD sales are falling so rapidly?”