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Number One Pop Album

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Number 1 pop album, Carnival Ride!!

I don’t get it, but it’s a fact.

I do know that when I hear that hilarious, “Before he Cheats” song on the radio, I go to town singing about knockin’ those headlights out, but I also love to sing “9 to 5”, by Dolly Parton; that doesn’t make it good… or does it?

Number one is an honorable spot and some country stars like Faith Hill, Wynonna and LeAnn Rimes, I’m sure, have had enough! Now she’s worked her way into the pop world!

Today all five of Carrie blank canvas Underwood’s five singles went to number one. She’s received two Grammy’s, an American Music Awards, two People’s Choice awards, five Academy of Country Music awards, and two awards from the Country Music Assn.

My problem with this music is that it’s written to be a hit and Carrie is just the receptor. She sings it, stands in line for makeup and wardrobe and viola! Not my cup of tea.. woe is me.

Get me off this ride, I think I’m getting sick!!
[image: Mark Humphrey / AP, LA Times]