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American Idol Contestant Found Dead

Thursday, November 13th, 2008


A once American Idol contestant, Paula Godspeed on Season 5, was found dead outside of the L.A. home of Paula Abdul, near Sherman Oaks.  Celeb website, TMZ reported that the 2006 contestant was discovered in her parked car yesterday.  Her death is believed to be a “possible suicide”, although the Los Angeles county coroner’s office has not, yet released official information.

The woman’s parents were aware of her obsession with American Idol judge, Paula Abdul and told police that she may be at Paula’s house, when she went missing.

Paula Abdul had been aware of the obsession for “several years”, Entertainment Tonight reported, and is said to be “shocked and saddened” by her death.


Seven Year Old Child Kills Animals At Zoo

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

At an Australia Zoo, a seven-year-old boy broke into a reptile exhibit and killed several of the animals.

In the disturbed boy’s fit of terror, he managed to kill a total of 13 animals in just a 30 minute period, by bashing some with rocks and feeding several others to live crocodiles. Uh, hello? Parents, please.. could we have your attention over here in the Reptile Exhibit please.

The child killed the zoo’s beloved 20-year-old goanna, which he fed to a saltwater croc, that weighs 440lb, as well, he bashed (3) lizards, a turtle, bearded dragons and thorny devil lizards.

Authorities speculate, because of his small size the little demon did not manage to set off the security alarm sensors. However, they did capture some video footage, which the zoo will use to incriminate the boy and hopefully sue the parents. Because the boy is under 10, he cannot be held responsible for the crime.

Get the child to a therapist stat!


Shanna Goes to See Travis

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Source: Shanna Moakler 'Not Leaving' Travis Barker's Side
Shanna Moakler, the ex-wife of Travis Barker, rushed to Augusta, Ga., to be with Travis just hours after the plane crash.

A source tells PEOPLE, “She’s been at this bed side ever since she got there,” says a source close to Moakler, 33. “She loves him and she’s not going to leave him.”

The source adds, “It has all been very intense. [Shanna] is very emotional but also very strong.”

The couple have 2 children together and are staying with their grandparents in CA, while Shanna is in Augusta.

Due to their quick thinking, Travis and Adam, surprisingly survived the fatal crash. Lieut. Josh Shumpert of the South Congaree Police Department tells PEOPLE, that he was one of the second responders at the scene, after the airport police arrived.
“[Travis and Adam] told me that they slid down the wing on the right side of the plane.”

“They said they were on fire,” adds Shumpert, whose patrol car’s dashboard camera caught video of the fiery aftermath, “and that they tackled each other and put each other out.”

“When I got there they were on the side of the road,” says Shumpert. “They were pacing and in shock.”

“Travis was very shaken up,” he says, noting that Barker was given Gatorade after he asked for some water.

Very, very sad! We wish them a healthy recovery.