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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg on SNL

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Did you know Mark Zuckerberg has really good comedic timing?

You may know him as a balmy, slightly boring 23 year old billionaire, but he’ll be showing his flair on Saturday Night Live, April 5 episode. Mark will be in provide the opening monologue as well appear in a number of sketches.

Next to “making communication more efficient”, appearing on the sketch comedy show is something Zuckerberg has wanted to do for a long time, a close friend confided to CNET “Mark actually has really good comic timing,” the friend said on condition of anonymity, out of the fear that Zuckerberg might “de-friend” him on Facebook if his identity were revealed. “He’s got this totally hilarious side that nobody ever gets to see except his stuffed animals and sometimes his investors. Ever since Justin Timberlake did that sweet music video on the show, he’s been aching to go on SNL. He had his assistant call up NBC but they were all like, ‘Mark who?’”

Sources close to NBC have confirmed that Mark will be acting in a parody of his disastrous SXSW interview with BusinessWeek columnist Sarah Lacy. “This time, people are going to be throwing stuff at them,” one source said. “Apparently they’re going to have a lightsaber fight, too.”

Lacy will be portrayed by SNL regular Andy Samberg.

Zuckerberg will also play “a crazed Barack Obama supporter” in another sketch, according to script details leaked to His role in a third sketch is less clear, but the costume department has reportedly been asked to create a “pink polka-dotted fur suit” that fits Zuckerberg’s compact frame.

Reports that Zuckerberg would also be sporting drag and portraying John McCain’s wife could not be confirmed at the time of publication. “But he’s definitely going to be playing a girl in something,” a Facebook colleague hinted. “He’s been working on his falsetto in board meetings.”

SNL has been known to kill a career, uh hem, Ashlee Simpson, and since Facebook is reportedly heading towards an initial public offering, one might ask if this is the right time for Mark Zuckerberg to attempt to become the funny guy. One Deutsche Bank analyst commented,“I guess it couldn’t hurt, unless he really f***s it up.”

As long as Sarah Lacy is not in audience, I think he’ll be fine. We’ll be watching!

[source:  CNET]