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San Francisco Music Tech Summit

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Xiie Team members V.P. John McNerney and A&R Exec. Jason Kelly attended the San Fran MusicTech Summit in California and came back with a lot of new friends, and loads of new information on the digital music market.

John McNerney writes:

San Francisco Music Event is One Hot Number

March 3, 2008 (Houston) – We just returned home from the San Fran MusicTech Summit in California and let me tell you the event was a huge hit. We attended hoping to meet and discuss the growth of this new and budding business with some of the world’s top minds and they really turned out in support of this event.

The first realization we made was that the summit drew quite a mix of business titles. Every one of the panel sessions were attended and/or paneled by professional musicians, promoters, technologists, lawyers, venture capitalists, presidents and V.P.’s. What became glaringly obvious and quite refreshing was that the panelists themselves were not there to promote their personal causes, there was very little self promotion going on. So, if you are growing a site for unsigned, independent musicians as we are then this summit had a lot to offer in the way of sharing ideas and insight into the future.

We also gained a new perspective on the industry as a whole, and the means to operate efficiently in this business. Industry insiders expect the already present online music business will begin expanding at exponential rates.

Overall the San Fran MusicTech Summit can be described as a place, an intersection, that invited the colliding of various points of interests under one umbrella titled: Music Tech.

Some of those we met were:
Derek Sivers, the founder of CD Baby, John Perry Barlow of Grateful Dead fame, Ariel Hyatt of Ariel Publicity, Jerry Harrison of Sausalito Sound Studios, Bill Goldsmith of, Ted Cohen of TAG Strategic, Katina Bishop of EFF, Benjamin Masse, founder and president of Double V3, Samantha Murphy, founder of, Vijay Raghaven of, Balance of Rasputin Music, Haley Jones of Red, Roger Lamay of WXPN radio, D Labrie of RonDavoux Records, and up and comer Earth of Vision Lounge.

Congratulations are definitely in order for event founders Brian and Shoshana Zisk. Brian is the co-founder of Future of Music Coalition and Shoshana is a widely regarded entertainment lawyer. If you want to make some terrific contacts and learn more about the digital music market, San Fran Tech Music Summit is a must attend.



Sponsors of the event: Matchmine, Digital Freedom, Double V3, ToneThis, Eventful, Rumblefish, In Ticketing, MusicBrainz, Future of Music Coalition, Mozes, sake2me logo