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Britney Is Out Of Touch

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Britney is out of touch! Back in March, when everyone was full of concern for the eminent disaster her life has now become, the dynamic duo, Timbaland and Timberlake had put together a guaranteed platinum offer.

Nobody in their right mind could possibly refuse such an opportunity, but she wasn’t in her right mind, now was she? Show up, don’t shave your head in public or go without panties, and we will produce your new album. Yes, Britney Spears you’re a mess and we are the hottest music duo on the planet, after the smash success’s of Justin’s ‘SexyBack’ and Nelly Furtado‘s comeback CD ‘Loose’. The two, Timbaland in particular, were ready to strike platinum again, but noooo… how could Britney possibly notice a great offer like this when her plate is already full of brilliant career moves “like and such as”, turning down first crack at recording an, as of then, unknown little song called “Umbrella”.

Here’ a link to the staged run to the Virgin Megastore in Hollywood yesterday, when Brit has a paparazzi retrieve ‘SexyBack’ CD for her. Good one.

Face it Britney, you’re never going to get JT’s attention again. You’re stuck with the poor man’s versions like K-Fed and JR, instead of JT.

Brit, I’ve seen the future and let me spare you and the paparazzi a trip back to the Virgin Megastore. I just gifted you Nelly’s ‘Loose’ and Timbaland’s ‘Shockvalue’… check your inbox.