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Brit’s VMA Performance How It Was And Was Supposed To Be

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

Side by side comparison of Britney’s VMA’s performance against a performance of her dancers rehearsing with a stand in (as Brit had better things to do that day I’m sure).

What do you think?

You gotta love the level of realism they were trying to achieve in rehearsals, I mean anything less than a 165 lb. stand in, just wouldn’t have looked right y’all!

Vagina Monalogue

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

I think everyone agrees that comedian Sarah Silverman’s monologue, following Britney‘s dismal performance, at the VMA’s was inappropriate. Now even Sarah is telling UK’s Guardian, “I wish I didn’t do the VMAs. I totally regret it…I liked the jokes I did, but all anyone focused on was that it was mean. But they put me on immediately after Britney, so I had to do jokes. Everyone else laughed, but Britney wasn’t ready to laugh at herself.”

“Every time she’s been on the VMAs, it’s been a spectacle – something amazing. I heard she was gonna have this magician, there’d be fire and smoke, and I would be the little comedian making fun of the big star. I caught a glimpse of her at rehearsal and she was walking through it, and then at the actual performance, she did that same thing! And then I come out and I’m an asshole.”

Yes you are. Cheap laughs and no one was laughing.